Date Topic Description Presenters
9-20-21 Best Practices for Managing Staffing Situations

This discussion covered the following topics; “do’s” for starting a new job, on boarding new staff members, working in a short staffed environment and other best practices.

Ebony Jackson, Assistant Director, Ticket Operations at University of California

Andrew Schoepfer, Associate AD/Revenue Generation & Data Strategy at Providence College

NAATSO Convention
Mobile Ticketing -
Best Practices &
Preparing for What's Next

In this session, our panelists covered the mobile ticket transition for various schools, highlighting their insights and past pain points. Post-2020, they took a look at what’s next and the best practices for mobile ticketing.

Ebony Jackson (Troy University)

Brian Morgan (Marquette University)

Lacey Williams (Texas A&M University)

NAATSO Convention
How to Handle Stress This session touched on work/life balance and how to manage yourself in high stake situations. Attendees will learn new coping strategies and skills with a licensed psychologist who works in college athletics departments and with student-athletes.

Dr. Carl Ohlson (Penn State University)

NAATSO Convention
Doing More with Less - How to Become Most Efficient

This session discussed how technology, automation, and basic analytic skills can increase your schools efficiencies with a small headcount.

Moderator – Chris Asa (CSU Bakersfield)

Mike Castle (Georgia Tech)

Brian Pracht (Notre Dame)

Cecilia Striller (Kansas State University)

6-8-21 Data Revenue Generation Strategies

Hear how institutions are leaning into data-driven, innovative strategies to maximize revenue. This session will discuss teh following:

• Generating revenue through advanced ticket sales and marketing campaigns
• Engaging fans to take advantage of pent-up demand
• Tapping into additional revenue buckets including licensing, merchandise, and fundraising

Ryan Gottlieb, Associate AD Sales Strategy & Business Intelligence t Rutgers University

Karl Freak, Assistant AD Marketing & Fan Development at UNLV

Alicia English, Assistant AD Revenue Enhancement at Kennesaw State

Moderator: Craig Ricks, CMO at Paciolan

4-9-21 How to be a Game Changer

This webinar discussed how to diversify your skill set in the work place, how to be a game changer personally and to those around you. Our panelists talked about their experiences that shaped their values and how that trickles down to their team. They also talked about their hiring best practices when putting together their teams.

Omar Banks (Director of Athletics, Campbell University)

Temeka Samuels (Senior Woman Administrator, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff)

Moderator: Jake Mankin (Director, Outbound Ticket Sales, University of Alabama)

3-10-21 NAATSO Women in Ticketing
Essential Skills for Developing Careers at Any Level

This zoom discussion was specific for women in the ticketing industry and was presented by Eventellect. In this discussion these leading women leaders provided tips and tricks regarding how they navigated their career, defined their leadership skills, and how they are supporting other women in our industry to rise up.

Deana Barnes, Senior Vice President of Client Engagement, Paciolan

Adrianne Swinney, Chief Operating Officer/SWA, UConn

Colleen Sorem, Deputy AD, University of Maryland

Moderator: Lisa Walker, SVP Business Development College Athletics, Eventellect

2-18-21 NAATSO Zoom Discussion

Zoom Chat Text

We all want to leave 2020 in the rearview, but what are the lessons learned that we want to carry forward? This Zoom discussion talked about some of the changes members made for 2020 and what they think will or should stick around for 2021 and beyond. Check out the PDF of helpful resources and links from the chat!

Colin Hargis, NC State University

Nathan Bramwell, Bradley University

Andrew Herrick, Lawrence Tech

1-26-21 How to be an Effective Ally

"How to be an Effective Ally" talked about how to look past personal bias to be able to lift those around us, The presenters showed authenticity with their personal experiences on their campuses. This Zoom discussion was organized by NAATSO's Diversity & Inclusion committee.

Thomas Eugene, Director of Group Sales, Florida Panthers

Joe Karlgaard, Director of Athletics, Rice University

Renae Myles Payne, Senior Associate AD & Chief Diversity Officer, University of Miami

Moderator – Ebony Jackson, Assistant AD/Ticket Operations, Troy University
10-27-20 Advancing Your Career
As A Woman In Sports

*Note the recording has an abrupt cutoff point due to attendees ability to ask confidential questions in a safe environment*

The panelists discussed workplace environments, identifying allies in the workplace, and overcoming obstacles as a woman in a male dominated field. They shared their career paths and gave advice on advancing up the ladder.

Gretchen Sheirr, Houston Rockets

Brooke Smoley, UCF,

Alexis Williams,
University of Colorado
10-20-2020 College Basketball Planning and Selling Your Ideas up the Ladder

Zoom Chat

College basketball season is right around the corner but there are many questions left to answer: how many games, fans or no fans, season tickets vs single game, and so much more! They talked about how they are preparing for so many unknowns, the contingency plans they are currently working on, and how they are selling these ideas up the ladder of their administration. They also pivoted and also touched on what is currently working for football season.

Nathan Bramwell, Bradley University

Andrew Herrick, Lawrence Tech
Katie Wisdom, Ole Miss
9-22-2020 Fan Attendance in
the COVID-19 Era

This webinar discussed insights and opportunities with fan attendance during COVID-19. Both panelists shared what they have learned from hosting large scale events over the last several months. They discussed suite capacity, entry/exiting of fans, selling group and single seat tickets and what they have learned through the process.

Katie Folk, Box Office Manager at Denny Sanford PREMIER Center

Landon Owen, Senior Director, Ticket Sales & Operations at Bristol Motor Speedway & Kentucky Speedway

Moderator - Colin Hargis,
NC State University
9-15-2020 Adjusting Your Role & Bringing Value to Your Athletics Department

This membership wide discussion brought creative ideas and practices within the industry on how collegiate ticketing departments can generate value while unable to sell tickets to current seasons. The group discussed non-traditional items and initiatives they are doing to stay relevant during this pandemic.

Matt Carson, Colorado State University

Hailee Codiga, Northern Arizona University

Jake Mankin, University of Alabama
8-12-2020 Pivoting During COVID-19
Season Tickets to Single Game Tickets Zoom Discussion

NAATSO members participated in a discussion about moving from season tickets to single game tickets and other alternative strategies to implement during COVID-19. Rachel Myers from the University of Michigan and Nick Marckel from the University of North Carolina walked through their processes on campus, how they collected data and how they worked with other constituents to execute effectively.

Rachel Myers, University of Michigan

Nick Marckel, University of North Carolina

Moderator – Amanda Rider, Liberty University
6-9-2020 Pro Sports Panel

Listen in on 3 professional sports industry leaders discuss how they are navigating the COVID-19 crisis from the pro sports perspective.

Paige Farragut, Texas Rangers

Don Rovak, Atlanta Falcons and Mercedes Benz Stadium

Dionna Widder, Houston Dynamo

Moderator - Joe Rixon, Seton Hall University
6-9-2020 Keynote Session
Ticketing Strategies and Scenarios in the Changing Landscape of the COVID-19 Crisis

Top campus professionals as well as representation from Paciolan and Google talk about the trends they are seeing on campus and in their work place during COVID-19 as well as how they are preparing for the upcoming football season.

Kim Damron, CEO, Paciolan

Michal Lorenc, Google

Rick Thorpe, University of Arkansas

Phil Wang, UC Irvine

5-21-2020 NAATSO Zoom Membership Chat – May 20, 2020

This session focused on talking about what policies ticketing departments are putting in place in order to return to the office as well as other miscellaneous questions from the membership.

John Zeleznock, Western Michigan University

Amanda Rider, Liberty University

NAATSO Membership

5-8-2020 Marketing Events in Uncertain Times. Strategies for Engaging Fans During the COVID-19 Quarantine.

Learn how your colleagues are modifying communication strategies and tone plus utilizing marketing tools to engage with fans in the community. You will also hear about adjusting internal team collaboration, shifting goals to maximize exposure in this extraordinary time, plus much more.

Erin Kraebber, University of Alabama-Birmingham

Michelle Erikson, University of Michigan

Michaela Patt, Paciolan

Craig Ricks, Paciolan

5-6-2020 Ticket Sales Discussion: Super Groups/Theme Nights

This webinar goes over some of the most successful super group and theme night events for each school. Areas of focus include football, basketball, and Olympic sport group ticket success stories, how the offers involved working with other departments in Athletics or on campus, and how the Fevo platform allowed each offer to be a success.

Matt Carabajal, University of North Texas

Hailee Codiga, Northern Arizona University

Marcus Madlock, University of Oklahoma

Brian Morgan, Marquette University

Rachel Myers, University of Michigan


What to expect when you’re expecting… to make a postseason tournament

How to prepare those in ticket operations for the nuances of an NCAA or NIT tournament appearance. This webinar goes over best practices so those that have been through it or have not been through it before can pick up on a tip or two to implement this season. Areas of focus include the art of ticket allocation, preparing for an appearance ahead of time and what to do when you win.

Brian Day, Loyola Chicago

Emily Dent, University of Kentucky

Joe Rixon, Seton Hall


New Customer Acquisition to Drive Ticket Sales

The webinar will cover the strategies to acquire new customers and ticket sales. Digital strategy is a large part of the future of customer acquisition and ticket sales and this webinar discusses how to capitalize on these strategies and the customers that are transforming to the digital marketplace.

Katie Thompson, Google

Kevin Rogers, Paciolan

Andrew Schoepfer, Providence College


On-boarding, the First Ten Business Days

Special thanks to our presenter Sports Business Solutions for highlighting the best on-boarding practices from professional sports organizations nationwide. Sports Business Solutions, Adam Vogel, provided a unique insight into successfully on-boarding new hires in sales and operations.

Adam Vogel, Sports Business Solutions

5-31-2018 Innovations in Digital Marketing hosted by Paciolan

The latest NAATSO Webinar features the latest innovations in digital marketing everyone should be taking a look at to maximize digital marketing and sell more tickets! Digital marketing is constantly evolving and so, too, are the opportunities for lead generation and fan engagement.

Brandon Miller, Paciolan

Katie Thompson, Google

Julie Austin, Texas Christian University

Eric DeSalvo, University of Central Florida

11-16-2017 Identifying Strong Leads Using Salesforce, Presented by Paciolan

The webinar content was focused on sharing best practices surrounding using CRM systems such as Salesforce to identify qualified leads to serve up to sales teams.  It included the connection between CRM and Marketing Automation, utilizing web-tracking scripts and transactional data, and creative segmenting to locate sales prospects.  Participants and viewers of this recording will learn how to best view dashboards for insight into consumer behavior and potential sales opportunities while reducing the time it takes to distribute leads.

Jake Mankin, University of Alabama

Rob Kristiniak, University of Washington

Christopher Carney, Paciolan

11-30-2016 Direct Marketing via Facebook & Instagram to Engage Fans and Sell Tickets

Webinar participants learned about innovative digital marketing strategies and best practices, including:
Facebook Events Marketing: Identify the difference between Facebook Events direct campaigns and cross-device Retargeting, as well as what type of campaign and placement is right for you.
The Push to Mobile: Deepen your understanding of Mobile News Feed Ads for Facebook as well as opportunities to reach a larger audience via Instagram.
Optimizing Your Audience: Utilize targeting via interests, as well as CRM & Lookalike targeting to increase conversions and learn how to measure results.
Additional Best Practices for Organic Growth: Learn methods to drive traffic and increase ticket sales.

Brandon Mellor, Spectra Ticketing

Joni Smoller, Kansas State University

Michaela Patt, Purdue University