Podcasts Date

Topic Description Presenters
3-13-2020 Digital Ticketing Trends

This podcast will discuss digital ticketing and the trends that follow digital ticketing. The presenters speak on ways offices are going digital including invoicing, ticket entry and new technology. Carabajal, Marshall and Collins will discuss their and short and long term goals associated with digital ticketing.

Matt Carabajal, University of North Texas Keith Marshall, University of Tennessee Scott Collins, University of South Florida


Work/Life Balance

John Zeleznock offered some great insight on work/life balance. Take a listen here! Offers some suggestions on how to effectively use your time both at work and at home and everything in between!

John Zeleznock, Western Michigan University


Working with Secondary Partners

The first NAATSO podcast features Jonathan Marks, CEO of Dynamic Pricing Partners located in Long Island City, NY.  Jonathan touches on the benefits of working with a secondary partner as well as doing mobile/digital the right way.

Jonathan Marks, Dynamic Pricing Partners